By Managing Innovation, You’re Managing the Future of Your Company

By Managing Innovation, You’re Managing the Future of Your Company, Innvestfund, Innovation Investment Fund

The key to a successful company lies in its willingness to adapt to a demanding and competitive market, develop its resilience and inspire its employees to create value for their customers.

What is Innovation Management Academy?

Innovation Management Academy is a unique educational format that incorporates lectures, trainings and workshops, aiming to build your organization’s capability to manage innovation. The 5-day bootcamp will provide the participants with the opportunity to learn why they should innovate, what they could innovate and then how to do that, from some of the best regional and international experts in that field.

Why is this program important?

In order to survive and thrive, especially in times of great crisis like the one we all witnessed this year, companies cannot remain impartial to the change, but rather embrace it and initiate it. That is why this program will be carefully planed and tailor-made to fit the needs of corporates who are part of the innovation ecosystem in Albania, thus helping them build their innovation capabilities within.

Who should take part?

People are those who innovate, not companies. Let the people from your organization transform into innovation champions, tackling the incoming business challenges and identifying new ways to secure business growth and improve products and services. The right mindset combined with the proper set of tools will help your company embrace and manage innovation.

This program is intended for a selected group of up to 15 participants, who are or are aiming to become:

  • Intrapreneurs: launching and leading new ventures, making ideas happen, building products or services;
  • Innovation Managers: responsible for innovation programs, innovation initiatives and the teams gathered around them, innovation functions or units;
  • Innovation Leaders: responsible for innovation strategy, innovation ecosystem, performance and budget.

How will it be conducted?

This five-day bootcamp-style program will introduce the following:

  • Shared understanding of how to manage innovation in corporations.
  • Answers to what are the necessary preconditions to make innovating within a company become a part of a mindset and everyday way of working.
  • Principles, tools and methods to strengthen the innovation capabilities of the people and teams who deal with innovation.
  • New business model design and innovation practices.
  • Ways to create better entrepreneurial environment for those who want a chance to turn ideas to businesses, that way changing their organization for the better.
  • Opportunities to exchange experiences and good practices with peers who are on the same mission, albeit in a different company and industry.

What topics will it cover?

This program is the right fit for you if you want to find out more about:

  • overcoming innovation paradox
  • mapping and developing the innovation ecosystem
  • using different innovation models and methodologies
  • working with startups and other innovation stakeholders
  • building sustainable business models
  • developing company’s internal capacities and designing an innovative organization

Our lecturers and practitioners are global and local experts, with established backgrounds and distinct reputations in corporate innovation management and consultancy. Lectures and materials will be presented in English.

Who created the program?

Recognizing how crucial innovation is in today's business world, INNVEST partnered up with ICT Hub from Serbia through the EU for Innovation project to launch this program, the first Innovation Management Academy taking place this October.

INNVEST fosters innovative solutions that empower entrepreneurs and investors to forge a more dynamic economy across Albania and the Western Balkans through mentoring, training, support, consultancy and mediation.

INNVEST brings together leading entrepreneurs, investors, innovators and policymakers from across the innovation spectrum to address national and regional economic challenges.

ICT Hub its mission is to empower innovation, both in smaller business systems that are fighting for their market place, as well as in corporations that are making significant efforts to improve their current industry positions. Through a series of educational, mentoring and consulting activities, all aimed at building and strengthening the community inspired by innovative actions, ICT Hub provides professional support in strategic approach to innovation, improvement of the organizational culture and development of technological entrepreneurship, both to partners in Serbia and the region.