Innovation Beyond Covid-19

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INNOVATION BEYOND COVID-19 | WEBINAR | GUEST SPEAKER - Axel Schultze , Innvestfund, Innovation Investment Fund

INNVEST has the pleasure to announce the upcoming webinar featuring Mr. Axel Schultze, founder and CEO of the Society3 Group AG and Chairman of the World Innovations Forum Foundation. Axel started and successfully exited 4 companies, the biggest reaching $5 Billion in revenue and is a $37 BIllion company today, his second company close to $1 Billion. He is a published author, patent holder and was listed in the global most influential startup accelerators and won the San Francisco Entrepreneur Award in 2008. After spending most of his business life in Silicon Valley, he is now on a quest to find out how the brain is creating and processing innovative ideas and how those ideas may become disruptive to an entire industry segment. This highly engaging webinar will shed light on the importance of innovation & disruption and deep design innovation in the context of a crisis situation.

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