Consultancy on Marketing and Communication Strategy

Consultancy on Marketing and Communication Strategy, Innvestfund, Innovation Investmend Fund

With the support of the EBRD, INNVEST has been able to provide mentoring, training and consulting to Sophie Caffe & Snacks as part of meeting the challenges faced by most businesses in the world from the COVID19 pandemic. 

The project included a series of interventions both in organizational and operational terms. Cooperation established and strengthened on several grounds such as:

  1. Revision and improvement of the existing website to update the information and make it more user friendly for customers, from the context, structure, redesign to the integration of the Online Order System.
  2. Development of a Communication Strategy, a Strategy for Social Media platforms as well as training of staff for reorganization, updating the mission and objectives of the company to cope more easily in emergency situations.
  3. Strategic documents as well as site updates along with the online ordering system were accompanied by user manuals and action plans with formats ready to be integrated into work processes and communication channels.

Further, marketing and sales staff was trained by INNVEST (25 people) respecting the applied measures and maximum security. They were introduced to the reorganization and the new communication plan after the impact of the pandemic, in order to promote and better manage existing products but also new ones. Also, the dedicated staff was trained on the most efficient way to use the Online Order System as well as the introduction of manuals for the use of new integrated systems. During the months of July - August 2020, the consultancy relied for the most part, on the introduction of the Sophie Caffe Online Order System as one of the most important components to change the behavior of Sophie Caffe's customers and clients. What is suggested and what follows is its promotion as much as possible to inform existing and potential customers.