Our network represents INNVEST’s core value, the drive to foster innovation through bridging and empowering collaboration in the community. We derive our strength and potential from a well-structured and consolidated group of investors from different sectors and backgrounds, willing to share with you their expertise and professional experience.

Angel Investors

Angels investors represent INNVEST success stories. These investors have expressed interest and reached an investment agreement with one of the potential business ideas. The whole process is facilitated through the platform and support from INNVEST in the investor-business idea interconnection. In addition to direct investment, INNVEST Angel Investors will provide ongoing assistance to the company they support. Companies will receive mentoring and guidance in areas such as marketing, drafting effective strategies, finance and recruitment process, etc.

Investors Club

Investors Club is a community of mature and well-known businesses, which are willing to further innovate their business from within and seek for investment in any potential new business idea that is launching in the market. The investors club will not only allow the members to invest in other ideas, but will also offer them mechanism to raise capacities, expand and implement in their business strategy an innovative approach. The valuable experience and input that this community of potential businesses will provide for the new business ideas is the incentive that will leverage their position in the current competitive market.

Prime Investors

Prime Investors Club is a network of talented, enthusiastic and innovative young entrepreneurs. They started as new business ideas, and now they are thriving businesses in the market with great potential for growth and expansion. Prime investors will not only serve as aspiring role models for the targeted group, but will also offer advising, mentoring and a process of nurturing and development by sharing their experiences with those who want to get their business going despite the obstacles and difficulties that every young entrepreneur encounters